Promoting the Growth and Development
of Hispanic Businesses



As a regional organization, the NCW Hispanic Chamber of Commerce advocates for economic, workforce and community development, and helps lead efforts to unify and strengthen Hispanic and non-Hispanic businesses in the North Central Washington region by:

  • Promoting economic development in general, and helping members start, grow, finance and manage their businesses
  • Expanding training opportunities for present and future entrepreneurs
  • Advocating for increased workforce preparedness in management, science, technology, mathematics, engineering and business management, particularly within the Hispanic and other minority communities
  • Providing personalized, high-value services to our members in order to reduce entry barriers that hinder new business formation and to increase access to new markets here and abroad
  • Helping gain access to capital for members who would like to start new businesses or expand existing ones
  • Advancing the overall socio-economic interests of the Hispanic community and of women and minorities in general


Community Leadership

Our role is to represent our membership to the NCW community in a way that supports the growth and development of Hispanic Businesses. Our leadership is
open to your suggestions.

Business Advocacy

  • Staying informed on issues that impact businesses and advocating for business initiatives that will support our members.

Referrals and Marketing

  • Forums and seminars to build your referral network.
  • Members listed on web site which receives constant traffic locally and statewide.
  • Sponsorship opportunities to promote your business.

Open Board Meeting

  • Bring your ideas and recommendations to the board meeting or get involved.

Supporting our Youth

  • We annually award college scholarships to NCW High School Seniors. 
  • In 2015 we awarded 11 scholarships for a total of $20,500.